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Insurance & Fertility Benefits

Knowing Your Insurance Benefits

It’s no secret that health insurance coverage is a complicated subject. Coverage for infertility treatment vary from plan to plan and company to company.

With this in mind, each patient is wise to research his or her plan coverage extensively in advance either online or by calling the insurer or benefits representative, or both.

We understand that dealing with the insurance companies regarding your fertility coverage might be a little intimidating at first glance.  In order to protect yourself from incurring fees that may not be covered by your insurance plan you must obtain written verification of your benefits. Click here for a sample letter you can send to your insurance company.

The insurance companies have specific guidelines to help you determine the extent of your fertility benefits. They are obligated to provide you with this information. Typically, the information is delivered only in response to specific questions asked by the insured and some important information may be omitted unintentionally.

  • To verify insurance benefits please refer to the customer service phone number printed on your insurance card. We recommend that you do the following:
    • Obtain name of customer service representative giving you information,
    • Document date and time of phone call,
    • Request written confirmation of benefits.
  • Review benefits booklet, this is provided by your employer if you are part of a group plan. Copy section that pertains to infertility benefits is applicable
  • If treatment is covered by your insurance plan, you will need to supply written confirmation of benefits to our Accounts Representative. This should be in letter format from your insurance carrier, or copies from your benefits booklet.
  • If treatment is not covered by your insurance plan, payment is due at the time of service.
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