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Affording Fertility Treatment

“How will I pay for fertility treatment?”

At GENESIS we understand that affording fertility treatment, including IVF and IUI, is a huge concern and how that can often paralyze a patient from moving forward with treatment. That is why we offer a variety of financial options to meet the needs of our patients; providing you with the highest quality of care available in a compassionate and cost effective manner.

We encourage you to utilize the resources below to find the best fit for you.

Fertility Cost Overview

A common misperception about fertility care is that it is not covered by insurance, prohibitively expensive and out of the reach of those who cannot afford large out of pocket payments. As a result, patients needing fertility therapy often fear they will need to expend part (or all) of their life savings in order to pay for their care. Fortunately, this is not true. Many couples at GENESIS are insured for fertility treatments, including IVF. Read more about Fertility Costs

Will health insurance cover fertility treatments?

It’s no secret that health insurance coverage is a complicated subject. Coverage for infertility treatment vary from plan to plan and company to company. With this in mind, each patient is wise to research his or her plan coverage extensively in advance either online or by calling the insurer or benefits representative, or both. Read more about Contracted Insurance Companies, Fertility Insurance Questions, Knowing Your Benefits. If you still have questions after speaking with your insurance provider, call our billing office at 718-436-3747 option 9.

Discount Programs for Fertility Treatments

We offer several discount programs including Military Discounts, IVF Greenlight, Compassionate Care Program, and First Steps Program. Learn more.

Financial Options for Fertility Treatments

There are many financing options for fertility treatment. Learn more about ARC, CapexMD, Future FamilyNYS Grant, and WINfertility.

Searching for Low Cost IVF Clinics in NYC?

Before choosing a fertility clinic, it’s important to make sure all of your questions are answered, and you have a clear idea of all costs and the included services. Learn more about affordable fertility treatments.

Wondering what health insurance will cover under New York’s new IVF law? We’re here to help!
Take our New York State Fertility Mandate Questionnaire to see if you qualify.

For over 10 years GENESIS has been leading the way, blazing a trail for patients to have access to fertility care. This is not just for our patients, but for ALL New Yorkers.
View our timeline to learn how GENESIS has been an advocate for fertility.

With multiple fertility centers in the NYC area, GENESIS serves fertility patients from Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island (Five Towns, Valley Stream, Lynbrook, Rockville Center, Great Neck, Kings Point and Long Beach), New York. If you have any questions about your financial options for affording fertility treatment, please contact us at 718-436-3747 option 9.
¿Habla español? Costos para los tratamientos de fertilidad.

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