Affording Fertility Treatment

Discount Programs

Military Discounts

GENESIS offers a 25% discount off our regular IVF pricing as a service and thanks for those who serve/served our country. Plus we’ll offer them free cryopreservation for the first six months. Proper identification is required.

In addition to the other medication discount programs listed below, EMD Serrono offers eligible active military personnel and veterans a minimum of 25% off, plus qualified applicants an additional savings up to 50% or 75% off on select EMD Serono Fertility medication. Click here for more details.

GENESIS Shared Success Program

We are here helping patients build their family and protect their finances. Read about the security of our Shared Success Program.

Given the relative absence of insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization (IVF), Genesis Fertility & Reproductive Medicine strives to make IVF more affordable to everyone that needs fertility treatment. We have developed a program option to bring treatment within reach.

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IVF Greenlight

IVF Greenlight was designed as an open-access program for all cash-paying patients. Unlike other patient support programs, IVF Greenlight does not require participants to meet certain financial requirements, and does not require the completion of lengthy income verification documents. Any cash-paying patient who purchases 10 vials of BRAVELLE and 10 vials of MENOPUR at a participating pharmacy are eligible for these substantial discounts.

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Compassionate Care Program

Committed to helping eligible patients overcome financial barriers, the Compassionate Care Program may provide significant savings on EMD Serono medications for uninsured, income-eligible patients. Eligibility is based on qualifying annual household gross income and first-time participation in the Compassionate Care program. Eligible patients can use the Compassionate Care Program for multiple cycles within each year*

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*Patients must reapply each year.

First Steps Program

For thousands of Americans suffering with infertility, one of the first steps before seeking treatment is figuring out how to pay for it. Unfortunately, it is estimated that over 50% of patients who seek treatment do not have any level of fertility medical or drug coverage.

To aid some of these patients with drug cost, DesignRx has created First Steps, a patient financial assistance program. The First Steps program takes into consideration household income and hardship cases to provide eligible patients with a 5%, 25%, 50%, or 75% discount off their fertility drug cost.

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