Genesis Fertility New York
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Treatment Options

Psychological Counseling

As part of the team approach at GENESIS, our staff is prepared to address the psychological aspects of infertility. We recognize the physical, emotional and financial stresses that you may be feeling. You may experience internal pressure to succeed or you may receive a lot of external pressure from well-meaning family and friends who ask intrusive questions and offer unwanted advice.

The process of cycling can be stressful as well. While you are coping with the normal stresses of marriage and daily living, infertility treatment poses additional ones: medications, blood tests, surgeries and procedures. In fact, it is rare for an infertile individual or couple not to experience psychological or sexual difficulties at some point in their treatment.

Although all of our staff is trained to be sensitive to the special problems that our patients feel, sometimes a psychologist can be of special help in offering practical and therapeutic advice on coping with infertility. The psychologist at GENESIS is available as a key member of the team that manages and guides you. She is especially involved during IVF, donor egg and donor sperm cycles. She will answer questions, offer counseling and help you deal with the stress of infertility. The psychologist is available to meet with you individually or as a couple. As participants in the program, feel free to call the psychologist at any time and schedule an appointment.

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