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Referring Doctors & Physicians

Doctor referral information for fertility treatments including IVF, IUI, egg freezing, and egg donation

At GENESIS Fertility New York, we believe in having a strong relationship between the patient, her OB/GYN and the Reproductive Endocrinologist.

fertility treatment referral NYC

By the time it’s become clear to a woman that there is a fertility issue happening, she often already has an established relationship with a gynecologist. That’s a relationship that may have been going on for a long time, and there’s trust there. The generalist OB/GYN is certainly competent and is the appropriate person to seek first line care for infertility. We appreciate all of the input and care that’s done by the OBGYN doctors who refer patients to us.

Male factors are found to be the cause of infertility about 30% of the time, and urologists refer patients to a reproductive endocrinologist. In another 30-40% of couples both female and male factors contribute to the couple’s infertility. These are surprising facts for many couples to learn – especially those who mistakenly believe infertility to be a woman’s issue.

We appreciate the many partnerships and affiliations we have established over the years, and we hope to work as a team with OBGYN, urology, and general practitioners to best help our patients overcome infertility.

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To refer a patient to GENESIS Fertility, please call (718) GENESIS.
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When should a patient seek help from a Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist?

Locations, Treatment Options, and Languages:

With multiple fertility clinics in the NYC area, GENESIS serves infertility patients from Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island (Five Towns, Lawrence, Cedarhurst, Woodmere Inwood, Hewlett, Valley Stream, Lynbrook, Rockville Center, Great Neck, Kings Point, and Long Beach), and Lower Manhattan, New York.

Learn more about our reproductive services, treatment costs, and fertility treatment options, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), Insemination (IUI), Donor Egg Program, and Egg Freezing.

In the efforts to better serve all of our patients , we offer our services in other languages including עברית (Hebrew), 中文 (Chinese), Pусский (Russian), & Español (Spanish).

Why should you refer your patients to Genesis Fertility New York?

Comprehensive services

As a referring physician, you should know that everything about the GENESIS practice reflects our dedication to serving the individual patient. Foremost is the comprehensiveness of what we provide. This includes not only the expert services of reproductive endocrinologists, but also care from other specialists that can be crucial to success. They include:

  • A urologist specializing in male fertility, on site
  • A psychologist with special expertise in counseling individuals and couples with infertility, on site
  • A genetic counselor, with special training in counseling about genetic diseases and the fertility procedures used to overcome them, on site
  • Reproductive scientists who are able and willing to discuss with patients the laboratory techniques they use for assisted conception, on site

These professionals are supported in their work at GENESIS by a nursing, clinical and administrative staff whose energies are exclusively focused on the alleviation of infertility.


At GENESIS we understand that affording fertility treatment, including IVF and IUI, is a huge concern and how that can often paralyze a patient from moving forward with treatment. That is why we offer a variety of financial options to meet the needs of our patients; providing you with the highest quality of care available in a compassionate and cost effective manner. We encourage you to utilize the resources below to find the best fit for you.

Partnering with our referring physicians

After providing your patients with expedited access to appointments and thoughtful care, we are committed to communicating with you as your patients go through their care. It is our goal to have patients see us as an extension of your practice, enabling a seamless return of patients to you for ongoing care. We are always looking for ways to serve you and our shared patients better, so we would love to hear from you!

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