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Low Cost IVF Clinics in NYC

Searching for affordable fertility treatments in the NYC area can be a daunting process. Some fertility clinics promote low cost IVF on their websites, but they have a disclaimer about qualifications, and very few people actually qualify for the low advertised price. Or, the medications are sold for an additional fee – making their “low cost IVF” anything but. Before choosing a fertility doctor, it’s important to make sure all of your questions are answered, and you have a clear understanding of all costs and the included services. At GENESIS Fertility in New York, we offer a variety of resources about affordable fertility treatments, insurance, discount programs, and financing options.

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Low Cost IVF Clinics in NYCTreatment Costs for IVF

A common misconception about fertility care is that it is not covered by insurance, prohibitively expensive and out of the reach of those who cannot afford large out of pocket payments. As a result, couples confronting the need for fertility therapy often anticipate that they will need to expend part or all of their life savings in order to pay for their care. Fortunately, these notions are untrue. Most couples at GENESIS are insured for fertility treatments, including IVF. Learn more about the costs for fertility treatments.

Affordable Fertility Treatments

At GENESIS Fertility in New York, we understand that finding affordable fertility treatments, including IVF and IUI, is a huge concern and how that can often paralyze a patient from moving forward with treatment. That is why we offer a variety of financial options to meet the needs of our patients; providing you with the highest quality of care available in a compassionate and cost effective manner. Learn more about affording fertility treatment and your personal chance of succeeding with IVF.

Payment Options

A common question is “Will health insurance cover fertility treatments?” We offer resources about health insurance, discount programs for fertility treatments, and financing options.

What will insurance cover under New York’s new IVF law?

In 2020, New York’s laws changed, and some large-group health insurance plans cover IVF and egg freezing. If you aren’t sure if your insurance will cover fertility treatment, please contact us.

Wondering if you qualify for the 2020 NYS infertility mandate benefits?
Take our New York State Fertility Mandate Questionnaire.

With multiple fertility centers in the NYC area, GENESIS serves fertility patients from Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island, New York. If you have any questions about your financial options for affording fertility treatment, please contact us at 718-GENESIS (718-436-3747).

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