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Yitty Fisch, FNP

Family Health Nurse Practitioner

Yitty Fisch is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner specializing in health of all ages. As a FNP her role at GENESIS is to bring her 12 years of medical expertise and unique perspective to help provide quality care to her patients.

Yitty earned her first undergraduate degree as a registered nurse at Kingsborough’s nursing program, located in Brooklyn. During her time there, she had a special opportunity to perform her clinical rotations at many of the local area medical facilities such as Maimonides Medical Center and NYP-Methodist Hospital. After obtaining her BSN from University of Chamberlain, Yitty attended Stony Brook University and earned her masters as a Family Nurse Practitioner. During her program, she delved into many fields of medicine to serve many different aspects of patient care and for all ages and stages.

Yitty has 12 years of critical care experience as an ER nurse and in Nursing Administration. She has experience as a Primary Care NP having cared for newborns through geriatric patients. Yitty then joined GENESIS knowing that there was something special about caring for women. It is her passion and goal to help women create new communities based on supporting one another and providing access to information that can help them live healthy and happy lives. Her dream is to have resources provided to women to help deal with everything from struggles with fertility to child rearing and mental health.

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