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Garden Acupuncture

Whole System Traditional Chinese Medicine for Fertility and infertility can be extremely effective for both men and women. It is crucial that it be administered by nationally board certified practitioners with specialized training and advanced experience specifically in fertility and working concurrently with IVF and IUI protocols.



Garden Acupuncture, located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, has a team with over 50 years of combined clinical experience specializing in fertility which has contributed to their success helping so many people create families. Their practitioners are nationally board certified and have trained with masters in their field amassing unique, applicable experience unparalleled in New York. Garden Acupuncture works closely with GENESIS to offer the most comprehensive and integrative experience and will provide fertility care that is safe and effective in supporting IVF and IUI procedures.

Garden Acupuncture’s Whole System TCM Fertility Program has shown to:

  • Improve success rates of IVF and IUI
  • Increase egg quality
  • Improve uterine lining and blood flow to the uterus
  • Decrease blockages such as cysts and polyps
  • Improve sperm morphology & motility
  • Decrease long term effects of stress that impact fertility

Garden Acupuncture recommends beginning their Whole System Traditional Chinese Medicine Fertility Program as soon as possible for optimal results. Their specific protocols and approach to fertility, which greatly differs from Day of Transfer Acupuncture, can be started at any point during IVF and IUI protocols. They encourage you to learn more about what sets them apart in Fertility and Women’s Health and how their specialized knowledge and services can successfully assist your treatments at GENESIS. Garden Acupuncture invites you to ask questions!  

Garden Acupuncture offers patients of GENESIS a complimentary 10 minute phone consultation which you can schedule by calling (347) 987- 4399. Garden Acupuncture accepts many insurance plans and can check your eligibility. Learn more about Garden Acupuncture and their fertility program or make an appointment online.

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