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Medical Team

Medical Team

Jennifer Mundo

Donor Egg Program Coordinator

Jennifer Mundo is the donor program coordinator at GENESIS. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from St. Francis College. Prior to joining the GENESIS team, she worked predominantly as a Coordinator for Individuals in Crisis, with Developmental Delays and Disabilities. Because of Jennifer’s experience in monitoring, facilitating and revising services for families struggling with adversities, setbacks and loss, she is able to provide a compassionate yet comprehensive approach to the care of patients in the program.

Jennifer works very closely with the clinical  and laboratory staff to ensure that the GENESIS program is in strict compliance with the most up to date guidelines and national recommendations. To ensure that potential egg donors accepted into our program meet FDA and Department of Health Guidelines as well as our own strict criteria, Jennifer conducts an initial FDA/Medical screening of all donor applications and meets with potential donors to review the egg donor process. She coordinates the different stages of screening that donors will undergo.  Jennifer meets with donor egg recipients, and takes them through the various stages of the egg donation process. These stages include preliminary screening, matching couples with an egg donor and then providing individualized care through the entire cycle.

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