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Success Story: Egg Donation Helps TWO Women!

success story

As the Donor Egg Program Coordinator I have the opportunity to see miracles happen on a daily basis. I see families developing and more love created in the world. I was recently touched by an especially meaningful story.  Jasmine* was suffering from cancer for what seemed to be a lifetime. Her diagnosis was a surprise, and interrupted her long-laid plans of starting a family.

Jasmine underwent many procedures and treatments for her cancer and luckily, was able to beat the illness that had so suddenly torn her life apart.  She and her spouse were so happy and grateful for her regained pass on life and were happy to have her feeling and living like she used to.

However, Jasmine and her husband realized soon enough that their journey had not ended just yet.  The medications and treatments that had helped her battle the cancer not only imposed an emotional and mental crisis for that time, but had delivered the ultimate robbery of any kind of hopes that Jasmine and her spouse had for their future…..Jasmine’s ovarian health had been compromised and she would not be able to get pregnant on her own.

Considering an egg donor

Ultimately, she was informed that she would be able to have children, but through Egg Donation. After much emotional soul-searching, Jasmine and her husband selected an egg donor, Samantha*.

success storySamantha was a young woman with a very active and busy life. She had two children of her own, a steady full time job and was working on continuing her education. She had more than just second thoughts about becoming an egg donor; so she decided to find out more about the process.

Samantha attended her consultation and was able to learn more about her own body while being informed about the egg donation process.  Becoming an egg donor would not compromise her own fertility in any way.  In actuality, the eggs that would be retrieved for egg donation would have normally been lost with her monthly period and the process of donating those eggs was, in a way, actually rescuing them.  Samantha was very pleased to know this; she was helping another family in fulfilling their dream while being able to put her eggs to use.

What was so appealing to Samantha was that the process was only two weeks long!  She was still able to go to work, go to school and continue her current lifestyle! On top of all of that, Samantha was being paid.

A Win Win!

Jasmine and her husband now have a healthy baby and feel complete. They are able to continue their journey in life knowing that they have beat an illness and the odds at extending their family.  Samantha is financially stable and continues to go about her busy life with an added feeling of meaning and purpose.

* Not her real name.

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