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Telehealth Options


Gone are the days when a house call meant a doctor showed up on your doorstep. With modern technology, your doctor can appear on your laptop (or tablet, or smartphone) – wherever YOU are! Seriously! It sounds like something from a Jetson’s cartoon. But even though we may not be able to fly auto-piloted spaceships to work – yet! – you CAN have a doctor visit via Telehealth Video Conferencing.

telehealthWhat is Telehealth Video Conferencing?

It’s a HIPAA compliant “Skype” with your doctor.

  • Patients make fewer visits to the clinic, requiring less time away from work.
  • Partner and family members can attend the consult from multiple locations.
  • Screen, file sharing and chat features.

Telehealth Video Conferencing is available to patients after their initial consult with a physician; as blood work and ultrasounds are required in person. This flexible technology is not only cost-effective, it enables high-quality care while ensuring confidentiality.

Just a few easy steps gets you started.

Prior to your first Telehealth session with your physician, you will need to install the app. You can then add your appointment to your calendar. From the virtual waiting room, simply launch the application when prompted. Easy-peasy!

….now if someone can invent auto-piloted spaceships to fly us to work! Ahhhh! Considering the traffic in New York, that would be a dream come true!

If you would like to learn more about Telehealth please speak with one of our Patient Specialists at 718-705-7724

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