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online fertility consultation NYC and Brooklyn

A virtual fertility consultation is a great option for anyone needing an appointment to discuss their fertility options, especially during the current period of social distancing in the NYC area.

Infertility does not discriminate and people struggling with infertility still need answers. At GENESIS Fertility New York, we want to keep people better informed about the journey ahead of them; so they can be ready to move forward confidently.

To do this we are seeing new and existing patients using telehealth, in addition to in-person visits. We’ll discuss medical history, family planning goals, and details on fertility and conception options.

What is Video Conferencing?

It’s a HIPAA compliant “Skype” with your doctor and covered by most major insurance plans!

  • Patients make fewer visits to the clinic, requiring less time away from work.
  • Compliant with social distancing recommendations
  • Partner and family members can attend the consult from multiple locations.
  • Screen, file sharing and chat features.

Top fertility doctors in NYC video conferencingJust a few easy steps gets you started.

Prior to your first video session with your physician, you will need to install the app. You can then add your appointment to your calendar. From the virtual waiting room, simply launch the application when prompted. Easy-peasy!


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