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Sports Dos and Don’ts When Trying to Conceive a Child

At GENESIS, we want you to reach your fertility goals. We want you to conceive a child. This is why we aim to guide you through sports and fitness fun, balancing physical activity and your fertility.

golfing while trying to conceiveSpring is in the air, and you’re ready to get outdoors and enjoy the weather. Maybe you have a favorite sport you like to play, or you enjoy nature hikes. Perhaps you’re an avid swimmer or golfer.

The fitness that comes with sports and activities may promote fertility. However, strenuous overindulgence may lower your odds of getting pregnant. When it comes to physical activity and your fertility goals, everything matters – even your sportsmanship!

Moderation Is Key When Trying to Conceive a Child

According to a recent study, overexertion in women may lead to changes in their menstrual cycle. When this happens, conception becomes difficult because an irregular menstrual cycle means irregular ovulation.

Additionally, when menstrual cycles change, so do your hormone levels. These changes include the hormone levels that are ideal for conception.

The same study noted that active women were more likely to have successful in vitro fertilization compared with inactive women.

Another recent study found that erectile dysfunction and hypogonadism in men may be associated with sports-related head injuries. These types of injuries commonly occur in football and baseball.

cycling while trying to conceiveEarlier studies have linked bicycling to erectile dysfunction. Further studies, however, found that competitive cycling is more likely to cause erectile dysfunction than recreational cycling.

Still further studies suggest that competitive sports like football may be linked to varicocele, which could lead to male infertility.

At GENESIS, we recommend physical activity, including playing your favorite sports non-competitively. However, we also recommend moderation if you want to conceive a child. Men must wear proper protective gear when playing contact games.

So go ahead, get out there this season and enjoy the weather. Play sports in moderation, but use good judgment! Also, never burn more calories than you take in!

Are You a Good Sport?

Good sportsmanship matters because taking the game too seriously creates undue mental stress. Mental stress, according to some studies, directly influences your emotional health. When this happens, especially in women, you may experience hormonal changes. These changes can lower your chance to conceive a child.

jogging while trying to conceiveAvoid prolonged mental stress in sports or any activity. When trying to conceive a child, your emotional well-being matters.

In other words, do play your favorite sports and get plenty of exercise. Don’t overdo the physical activity, and never take recreational sports too seriously!

Moderation in any activity is key when it comes to reaching your goal of conceiving a child.

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