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Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy’s Adorable Pregnancy Announcement

Infertility affects one in eight couples trying to conceive. This includes celebrities, as well as the rest of us. Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy struggled to conceive for many years. They were married in December 2014 and have been open about their struggles with starting a family; often telling their story on social media.

Recently, they got to make the post they’ve been dreaming about. After multiple rounds of IVF, they’re finally expecting their first child!

Jason Kennedy shared a video on Instagram compiled of short clips of him and Lauren Scruggs Face-Timing their celebrity friends to tell them the big news. They didn’t say a word; instead they simply held up a positive pregnancy test and videoed their friends reactions as they figured it out.

Included in the video are Hailey and Justin Bieber, Maria Shriver, Kathie Lee Gifford, Taylor Lautner and many more. The result is a wonderful announcement that leaves you smiling.


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In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Scruggs said that the most difficult part of IVF “probably was having four alarms set every day for months taking medicine.” Anyone on the infertility journey can certainly sympathize with that. She also said that she’d found the importance in taking things “one day at a time” and finding “joy in every part of the process.”

We’re so happy that they finally got the ending they’d hoped for.

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