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How old are YOUR eggs?

It seems like ever since Kim Kardashian televised her doctor visits to test her eggs, single women (or those just not looking to start a family – yet) have been wondering if they, too, can get their fertility tested.

How old are your eggs

How can women test their eggs?

Women can have their fertility status assessed at any time. There are excellent new tests that allow you to check your ovarian reserve — meaning how many eggs you have left. It gives you a pretty accurate idea of where you stand compared to other women in your age group. There are ultrasounds that look to see how useful the ovaries and uterus are, and blood panels that check different hormones – all telling a great deal about your fertility.

However, we have one really amazing test called the AMH, or anti-mullerian hormone, a hormone that’s released from the tiny eggs a woman still has in her body. As the level goes down, your egg reserve goes down. You can do it any day of the month, and it’s very good for giving you an idea of your reserve. The AMH may be the best test (most accurate and convenient) currently available to check a woman’s egg supply or ovarian reserve.

At GENESIS we have been obtaining AMH for many years. Genesis is an early adaptor of this test because one of our physicians, Dr. Richard Grazi, was one of the first doctors to realize its potential value in helping women have a family and has published extensively on this topic (click to read more). At GENESIS, we use AMH to assist us in giving our patients proper counseling about the optimal time to seek treatment. We also use the AMH test to help tailor the treatment options for individual women and to increase the safety of the recommended treatment.

So, should every woman test her ovarian reserve at a certain age in order to know where she stands before making life decisions?
Absolutely, 100 percent. In fact it’s smartest to do it by age 30

Knowledge is power. Know your numbers ladies!

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