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Celebrity births in their forties – not the fertility fountain of youth you think it is.

No woman is obligated to say how she got pregnant, whether she’s a celebrity or not. However, all too often we’ll see splashed across social media a celebrity in her mid to late forties with a brand new “miracle” baby in arms. Although we might be happy they finally have their dream baby, it’s worrisome the unspoken message these celebrities are sending their adoring public. These celebrity ‘miracle pregnancies’ give women ridiculous expectations. Women see this and think “She had a baby at 49, I’m only 44. I can do it too!”. But what these stories never say is just how these women became pregnant.

Celebrities may be different from you and me, but one thing they’re not is more fertile. Famous or not, the most common cause of infertility in women is age. Too many of us simply leave it too late – for a whole bunch of reasons. Sadly, after a certain point there’s nothing you can do to increase the number of eggs you have; nor extend their expiration date.

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How (some) celebrities are doing it

So just how are some of these women becoming pregnant so late in life when statistically, the chances of conceiving are minuscule if not zero? According to doctors, pretty much the only way to become pregnant in your mid to late forties is by using donor eggs.

Read This Celebrity Just Gave Birth at 49, But Don’t Assume You Can Too, by Mia Freedman. Mia exposes Hollywood’s “last taboo of infertility” wrapped in a swaddling blanket. Thankfully, some celebrities are very open about their fertility struggles. But maybe if more were open about their journey to parenthood – and the means in which they got there – the average woman would not only have more realistic expectations for herself, but not feel so inadequate about her own fertility.

Original post February 5, 2014
Updated January 14, 2022

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