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When to start a family?

Would you change your decision if you knew how fertile you were?

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By Katherine Melzer Ross, MD, FACOG

Confused about your reproductive options? Not sure when is the right time to have children? You are not alone. As discussed in this recent article published by Dr. Melzer Ross and colleagues, even health care professionals don’t have all the answers. In this study, a group of medical professionals (medical students, doctors, nurses and midwives) were surveyed regarding their knowledge of reproductive health and the choices they have made regarding starting a family. Many of the participants – almost 50% – had delayed childbearing in order to complete their education or further their professional goals, similar to many women in this day and age outside of the health care field. Around three out of four respondents was aware that there are tests that can be done to assess a women’s fertility potential (what we call “ovarian reserve testing”) and almost 90% of participants said they would change their family planning if these tests showed low ovarian reserve. Click here to read the full article.

If you are wondering what your reproductive potential might be, please consider a consultation with one of our fertility experts. We can discuss what options are available to you depending on your social situation and your ovarian reserve testing.

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