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We are so thankful at GENESIS

Our patients consistently send us the most beautiful thank you cards and letters (the halls at GENESIS are filled with them!); lovely photographs, thankful messages, heartfelt emails and humbling online reviews. Our staff reads each and every one – recalling patients with fondness and oohing over the photos. You see, for the staff at GENESIS, this is more than just a job. Many of us have been in your shoes and have our own infertility story to tell. So when you trust GENESIS for your family building journey, you surround yourself with an extended family; a team who will take your dream and make it their own.

“No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” – Alfred North Whitehead

In honor of Thanksgiving and in celebration of the thousands of families we’ve helped create, some of our staff share with you why they’re thankful working for GENESIS Fertility:
  • “I am thankful to work alongside such a great staff at GENESIS fertility. Everyone is friendly, dedicated to their work and to providing quality care to our patients. There is never a dull moment working with such an amazing staff! I am also very thankful to our patients, whose resilience and determination inspire hope within us all.” – Dally, Reception
  • “When you have the opportunity to be part of fixing a real problem for others, consider that a blessing….it is a very special thing to be part of. We do not just work at GENESIS….we change lives.” – Jennifer, Donor Coordinator 
  • “I am thankful for people who motivate me to grow, work harder, achieve and smile.” – Jennifer, IVF Nurse
  • “I’m very grateful that I get to spend my day playing a small part in helping people achieve their dreams.” – Eliana, Embryologist
  • “I absolutely love working at GENESIS because I get to do my favorite thing every time I come to work – help men and women fulfill their dreams of starting a family. I have always loved helping women become mothers. Feels like my destiny.  It gives me such joy because I believe it is one of the best ways to create a better world. I am very thankful for my coworkers and everything I have learned at this wonderful heart filled clinic!” – Chelsea Wiley, Nurse Practitioner
  • “I feel so thankful that I’m able to be a part of something that I love .” – Irene, IVF Nurse
  • “I am grateful to be part of the GENESIS family where I have learned to be a better human being and every day try to give my best to those who need it. I am thankful for being part of a team that, with their hard work, offers hopes, smiles, compassion and empathy to our patients whom I respect very much for being so brave.” – Maria, Medical Assistant
  • “The words ‘GENESIS Family’ keep coming to mind.  We’ve heard that phrase referenced many times and it sounds cliché; but it holds real meaning to me.  After all, my own family began with GENESIS.  I was a patient here in 2006 and conceived twins with my first IUI.  I was a patient for a brief period, but in that time, I formed a connection to this office. GENESIS has also been my work family for many years. I’m happy that you are my team and that I get to do my job for you and with you.” – Daniela, Practice Manager
Happy Thanksgiving from all your friends at GENESIS Fertility & Reproductive Medicine.

If you would like to learn more about GENESIS Fertility New York or are ready to schedule an appointment, please speak with one of our representatives at 718-GENESIS.

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