Valentine’s Day and infertility

The infertile couple’s guide to Valentine’s Day bliss.

Despite its focus on romantic love, Valentine’s Day can bring up anxiety and a sense of loss in couples struggling with infertility. The stress of medical procedures and rising expenses can diminish affection, actually eroding the love between partners; and the heart shaped boxes of chocolates serving only as a reminder that a once joyful sex life is now devoted solely to ho-hum, baby-making sex.

Take a few moments every day – including Valentine’s Day – to think about your partner and remember what made you fall in love in the first place. This will help you stay connected as a couple and be stronger for it, no matter the outcome of your infertility treatment. Sharing a romantic dinner for two and exchanging gifts are a lovely way to start. Click here for some additional love (and lust) bolstering tips which may also make this a Valentine’s Day to remember.