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Unused Embryos: What Are Your Options?

Unused Embryos

After having IVF treatment, you may find yourself with extra embryos. It might not be something you consider at the beginning of your journey, as you’re likely to be focused on ensuring you have any viable embryos at all. But later, when you may have to make a decision about what to do with remaining embryos, you will need to consider your choices. There are several ways to deal with unused embryos, from discarding them to storing them long-term, or donating them for different purposes. Before you make a decision, you’ll probably want to look at all of your options.

Storing for the Future

Of course, one option is to keep any extra embryos for the future. This might mean keeping them for another cycle of IVF in the near future. Maybe you’re sure that your family isn’t finished yet, and you want the option of using your current embryos for a possible future pregnancy. Or perhaps you’re not yet certain about whether you want to keep expanding your family. You can store your embryos long-term until you make a decision about what to do with them. But remember that you will need to consider the cost of storage during this time.

Donating to Research

Donating your embryos is another option, and one way to do this is to donate them to science. If you choose to do this, they could be used for research that will help scientists discover new aspects of embryo biology. Embryos are destroyed in the process of scientific research and might help scientists work towards a cure for a disease or discover other vital information about our genes and how our bodies work. Before choosing this option, it’s important to check if it’s allowed in your state, if your facility can help, and if your embryos are appropriate for current research needs.

Donating to Someone Else

Another way to donate your embryos is to donate them to someone else trying to get pregnant. For those who have no success with their own eggs or who are looking for a donor for other reasons, the kind donation of a stranger could be what helps them achieve their dream. Donating embryos to others could be conducted through a fertility clinic or it can be handled through an agency. You could also donate to someone you know, such as a friend or family member. You might also have the option of being in contact with the person you donated to, even if you didn’t know them before.

Discarding Unused Embryos

If you’re sure you’re finished with your fertility journey or don’t want to store embryos for another reason, you could choose to discard them. They will be thawed and disposed of in an appropriate manner. Depending on the law, the tissue might need to be disposed of in a particular way or you might be allowed to take the embryos for a burial, if you wish to.

You have a few options to consider when you’re deciding what to do with additional embryos after fertility treatment. Spend some time thinking about which is the best option for you.

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