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Traveling during fertility treatment

Patients can still travel during fertility treatment

Patients often opt not travel during fertility treatment for various reasons. They could be saving their money to afford treatment; or maybe they are unsure if it is okay to travel during treatment. But taking vacations comes with a host of benefits – whether you’re going through fertility treatment or not.

The benefits of vacations include lowering stress, increasing happiness, and strengthening relationships. While going through fertility treatment those three benefits are a powerful reason to take some time to rest and recharge. And you don’t need a long, expensive trip to reap the benefits.

One study showed that a four-day “long weekend” vacation had positive effects on well-being, recovery, strain, and perceived stress for as long as 45 days. While the reduction in strain was greater for those who spent the vacation away from home, the other effects were similar for those who stayed home.

Reconnect with your partner during fertility treatment

Couples can often “lose” themselves during the journey to build a family. Fertility tests and timed sex have a way of making a relationship feel almost mechanical. So it’s really important to nourish your relationship throughout the process. Making memories with your partner over a new experience can add another layer to your bond together. A solid bond can help you tackle anything together.

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Three helpful tips to help ease the stress of traveling with fertility medications.

  1. Inform your team

Make sure you contact your care team to let them know you’ll be traveling. You need to make sure you have any supplies you’ll need and contact information for a local fertility pharmacy (just in case). Your team will also need to know if you will be in a different time zone, as timing is important during a cycle.

  1. Contact the airline

If you will be flying, contact the airline to find out if there are any specific protocols when traveling with syringes and medication that needs to be refrigerated.

Your physician’s admin can give you a letter to submit to the airline.

  1. Pack a carry-on

To be on the safe side, pack your medications in a carry-on. This will avoid any issues if your luggage is lost. A diabetic storage pouch is a great accessory for medications that need to be kept cool.

With a little planning, you can relax and enjoy yourself. And remember, if you need us we’re only a phone call away.

If you would like to learn more about GENESIS Fertility New York or are ready to schedule an appointment, please speak with one of our representatives at 718-GENESIS.

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