How is Infertility Affecting Your Sexuality?

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.
You met, fell in love, and now want to expand that love by building a family together. But it’s not happening. Weeks turn into months, then longer. Your doctor recommends an infertility specialist to help you navigate this new, unfamiliar and (sometimes) scary journey trying to conceive (or TTC).
But this journey is taking a very large toll on your relationship. Infertility not only increases normal levels of stress, but it can put a damper on our sexuality. Lovemaking, once a warm, loving, intimate and physically pleasurable experience, becomes a dreaded chore. There are many reasons why a couple’s sexual relationship is so adversely affected by infertility, and since sex is usually considered a private matter, this is rarely talked about. Click here to read more from Resolve about sex, relationships and infertility.