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GENESIS Fertility is now a member of the NPC of the Oncofertility Consortium®

We are proud to announce that GENESIS Fertility & Reproductive Medicine is now a member of the National Physicians Cooperative (NPC) of the Oncofertility Consortium® in its efforts to explore and expand the reproductive options for cancer patients.  The following are some highlights that relate to our membership in this meaningful organization:

1)      We are committed to providing high quality fertility preservation to young patients with cancer and other diseases or treatments that may impair fertility

2)      We follow American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), American society of Clinical oncology (ASCO), and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for advising patients of the range of options available to them for fertility preservation and utilize the most mature technology that is appropriate for a given patient based on her age, timeline to treatment, medical condition and personal wishes.

3)      We have access to a national referral network for patients seeking fertility preservation, access to a substantial research environment with consideration to participate in provider and patient research, and access to a national group of physicians for case consultations, monthly oncofertility newsletter and blog

4)      We shall receive updates and advances in fertility preservation, including technical improvements as posted on the Oncofertility Consortium website, national clinical meetings and multi-site research programs

5)      We will have access to new technologies for the use of thawed tissues for fertility restoration as they become available

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