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Family Building with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robot-assisted surgery are two advances at the forefront of reproductive technology.

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In a recent article published on, Dr. Alexander Kotlyar discusses their use in reproductive medicine. He reviews the state of current research and on future perspectives for these two evolving technologies.

“We live in a world dominated by enhanced computing power and robotic systems. Given the potential of all this technology, it is essential for reproductive physicians and their patients to understand these technologies and determine how they could enhance the care of their patients. Two technological advances which are at this frontier are artificial intelligence and robot-assisted surgery.

The technology and science behind treating infertility are becoming increasingly complex, and the volume of data used to make clinical decisions is expanding on an almost monthly basis. With so much information that we can gather about a couple that is experiencing infertility, their treatment cycle(s), and the embryos they make, it begs the question of how best to use this sea of information to maximize the chance of healthy pregnancy. This is where the new frontier of artificial intelligence (AI) and the subfield of machine learning (ML) comes into play.”

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