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Dr. Ruchi Amin talks about National Endometriosis Awareness Month

Dr. Ruchi Amin answers questions about endometriosis awareness

Recently, Dr. Ruchi Amin had a chat with our partners at Stork Club; the Reproductive Care Benefits specialists. Dr. Amin is passionate about sharing women’s health information, and since March is National Endometriosis Awareness Month it’s the perfect time to share her knowledge. To understand endometriosis, Dr. Amin first reviews the different components of the uterus; then goes on to explain:

  1. What is endometriosis and how does it affect fertility?
  2. What are the most common symptoms of endometriosis, and how can I recognize them?
  3. How does endometriosis affect my chances of conceiving naturally?
  4. How does endometriosis affect the outcome of IVF treatment?
endometriosis awareness is important for women who are trying to get pregnant.

You can read the full interview here.

Endometriosis Awareness

When the tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus grows in places outside of your uterus, it causes a painful condition called endometriosis. It can affect anyone who has menstrual periods. The severity of symptoms can vary a lot. For some women their symptoms are so mild they do not even realize they have it. This is why endometriosis can sometimes come as a surprise diagnosis when a couple is having trouble getting pregnant. It can also be hereditary. So mom or grandma could have also had it and just did not know.

Understanding what endometriosis is, and how it can affect a woman’s health and fertility is important for all women – not just those with symptoms. If you have pelvic pain during ovulation and menstruation, painful sex, painful bowel movements or urination, or are trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, ask your doctor about endometriosis.

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