Do you love being a fertility specialist?

Many people say to me “You must love your job – helping people build families every day!” As a fertility specialist, my response is: “Yes! I love my job 95% of the time”. Because, indeed, helping build families is beautiful and I am lucky and honored to be able to guide patients on their journey. But 5% of the time, it is hard and sad and I am saying that from the other side of the desk…which means it is heartbreaking to think what my patients and their loved ones are experiencing from their side.

It is sad to sit with a patient/couple who have yet to have success on their journey. It is sad to sit with a patient/couple and explain that their journey might have to take a different path than they initially intended. And it is even sadder to sit with a patient/couple and tell them their treatment worked but then it didn’t…meaning they conceived but that the pregnancy is not moving forward and will not result in a baby. These are the days when I don’t leave the office with a warm feeling inside. And the same goes for the rest of our team.

Being a fertility specialist, we have very bright days but there will be that occasional dark day too. We feel your pain – not as intensely as you do – but our mutual goal is to help build your family. And when that doesn’t work, we are saddened too. We will always try our best to make the days bright. But please be patient with us if we need to let the clouds pass on a day or two.

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