Charting Your Fertility

By Marc Sklar,  posted in Fertility Authority

Did you know that contrary to what your high school health teacher told you, there are only a few days each menstrual cycle that you can actually get pregnant?

For those trying to have a baby, charting your fertility signs can help you find those days so that you can maximize your intercourse timing to increase your chances of conception each cycle. It can also help you make sense of your entire cycle. Even if you do not get pregnant in a given cycle, what you learn from charting your fertility signs that cycle will help you increase your chances in future cycles.

Observing and recording your fertility signs takes just a couple of minutes a day, but the benefits are tremendous! Charting your fertility signs is something that you can do to increase your chances of conception, understand your own fertility pattern and put you in control of your trying to conceive experience. Click here to find out more!

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