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Almost A Mother’s Day

mothers day

America needs a new holiday.

Let’s call it Almost A Mother’s Day.

Every year it will be on the Saturday before Mother’s Day Sunday. The day when we remember the families who haven’t conceived during this year even though they have been trying, and those families who have suffered pregnancy losses of very wanted babies.  On this day we would recognize those women who don’t have a baby in their arms with empathy, humor, and good wishes.

Perhaps it would be a private day of acknowledgment of an important life goal for some couples.  For others, such as single women and same sex couples, it might be a day for getting together with friends and laughing about the medicalization of procreation. Bawdy humor about sperm donors and sex toys as party favors might be in order.

For those who have suffered a loss

For couples who have lost a pregnancy to miscarriage or stillbirth, this would be a more solemn day to remember the baby of their dreams; the child who might have been their firstborn or a very wanted sibling in their family.  On this day there would be a reason to mention the event that people find it hard to talk about.  As a day in spring, Almost-A-Mother Day would be a day to plant flowers and watch them grow over the coming seasons in celebration of those babies who were loved.

Almost a Mother’s Day

Yes, this holiday is a fantasy in our culture that doesn’t give A’s for effort when it comes to family building.   Wishing you a warm Almost-A-Mother’s Day , with hope that your dreams are realized within the coming year.

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