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Advances in Fertility Treatment Equal Better Outcomes

advances in fertility treatment

GENESIS Fertility stands with couples and individuals who are looking to build their families. This is why we also stand at the forefront of advances in fertility treatment. We continually strive to utilize the latest technologies to help people just like you become parents.

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in reproductive health and successful fertility treatment outcomes. This includes physicians, scientists, support staff and true innovators in the field of reproductive medicine.

Let’s look at the latest technologies in reproductive health and how these advances have contributed to helping couples and people just like you build families through GENESIS innovations for over three decades.

Advances in Fertility Treatment Through State-of-the-Art Lab Services

When it comes to advances in fertility treatment – and your dreams of conception – we leave nothing to chance.

Our lab technologies include:

  • Assisted hatching: This helps your embryo grow and increases the chance it will be able to adhere to your uterus. It promotes a more successful treatment, especially for frozen embryo transfers and embryos with a thick zona, or shell.
  • Extended culture and Blastocyst transfer: This procedure allows the transfer of usually a single, healthy and well-developed embryo. It reduces the risk of multiple pregnancies and increases the risk of a healthy birth.
  • Vitrification for safe egg and embryo freezing. Eggs and embryos can be frozen to preserve fertility for those who are concerned about their biological clock but not ready yet to grow or create their family.
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection: This procedure involves injecting the sperm directly into the egg. It can be used to help men with extremely low sperm counts to father their own children. In the past, such men would have been considered barren.
  • Time-lapse incubators: We monitor the embryos in real time using computer analysis. This technique helps predict which embryos have the highest chance of implanting and leading to a healthy child.
  • Genetic testing: Couples found to be at risk for severely debilitating diseases can have their embryos tested before transferring, reducing the risk of passing on a genetic disease. Testing can easily be done by a variety of techniques.

Specialty Programs and Assistance

At GENESIS, we are equipped to deal with special circumstances or unique roadblocks that may stand in the way of you becoming a parent. In fact, we customize our fertility treatments to ease these obstacles.

Some of our specialty programs and approaches include:

  • Assistance with donor sperm selection
  • Donor egg program
  • Ovulation induction – for women who do not ovulate regularly
  • Acupuncture

Reproductive Medicine

At GENESIS, we know from experience that success rates have much to do with attention to detail. This is why our skilled physicians meticulously assess your unique fertility issues and make recommendations accordingly. We customize our approach to meet your unique fertility issues.

Your Emotional Wellness

We firmly believe that advances in fertility treatment must also include an emphasis on your emotional wellness. This is why we also offer psychological counseling throughout your journey to parenthood.

Fertility treatments can be emotionally daunting. Our on-site psychologist is always available to listen to your concerns and ready to offer support. Sometimes you need a good cry. Other times… a confidant to celebrate a fertility milestone. Our psychologist is available for both, and she will help you through your journey to parenthood.

The GENESIS Fertility & Reproductive Medicine Difference

Our team at GENESIS makes you feel like part of our family, while we work together to help you build your family. We are committed to your reproductive health, conception and emotional well-being every step of the way.

With multiple office locations in the metropolitan New York area – we help patients in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island and lower Manhattan.

If you would like to learn more about GENESIS Fertility New York or are ready to schedule an appointment, please speak with one of our representatives at 718-GENESIS.

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