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Shared Success Program


Genesis Shared Success Program

We are here helping patients build their family and protect their finances. Read about the security of our Shared Success Program.

Given the relative absence of insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization (IVF), Genesis Fertility & Reproductive Medicine strives to make IVF more affordable to everyone that needs fertility treatment. We have developed a program option to bring treatment within reach. The various options are outlined below.

If you have insurance or do not have insurance, we offer the following payment option:

*Shared Success Program: This program is another way we can enhance our services to our patients. This program enables us to share our success with our patients by offering multiple cycles for one cost.

Who is eligible for the Shared Success Program? (To be determined by physician)

  • Female age 38 or less
  • BMI (Under 35)
  • Day 3 FSH (Under 10)
  • Normal semen analysis or, if abnormal, willingness to use ICSI

Patients have the option of using their health insurance or paying out-of-pocket for our global pricing packages. If you are using insurance, our staff can help you determine your best option. We have an excellent staff of insurance specialists that are dedicated to helping you understand your benefits.

Buy Two (Fresh) Cycles Get One Free Package
A cycle includes; the stimulation of the ovaries, collection of eggs, embryology work, and embryo transfer. This package includes all the necessary items to complete a treatment of IVF for most individuals. Ultrasound visits, IVF, embryology services, and an embryo transfer procedure are included. Cryopreservation of extra embryos, procedure room/operating room (OR), and anesthesia costs are also included. Medication costs, ICSI and the initial evaluation and testing are not included in this package. If a frozen embryo transfer is needed, this will be considered the free cycle instead of a fresh cycle. Call for more details.